A sixteen zone, LED/LCD keypad, wireless and hardwired control panel that is remote control or keypad operated with an inbuilt GPRS communicator and an on board 433 MHZ receiver. Features: 16 Zone wireless and wired Wireless monitoring – Alarm, Tamper, Low battery, supervi- sion/jamming Wireless…
48H Control Panel with 8-48 wired/ wireless zones, 63 User codes and 4 Partitions Other features include: LCD Keypad Auto-arm on no activity External status LED’s (Arm/ Ready) Full Point ID reporting Extensive lightning and panel input protection
Outdoor/Indoor intrusion detector with curtain field-of-view, PIR sensor + Microwave sensor + Anti-masking + Waterproof. Features include: Creates a super narrow protective screen of 3° Combines PIR & Microwave technology Masking protected (Anti-masking) by active infrared beams. Selectable PIR detection sensitivity. Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity…
Cutting edge GPRS Communication at its best. The GPRS Communicator is a cost effective system for the bi-directional transfer of data from a remote installation to a control room and or a cellular phone. Designed primarily for the alarm industry, it has numerous other applications…
Cutting edge GPRS Communication at its best. The GPRS Communicator is designed to have full contact ID reporting via ERS’s Private APN and automatic SMS fallback.
Outdoor Triple-Tech detector. This product is a triple detector technology consists of microwave, passive infrared and Chip Smart. Works based on the infrared spectrum to detect the human body and using the effect microwave doppler, for better analysis. Special optical filters used in addition to…
 A radio frequency system for monitoring of alarm systems. The modular alarm system can be configured as base receiver of high site repeater in a 19" rack and can be configured as a single channel repeater or as a combiner repeater or as a combiner…
Get the total range of receivers. From low to high level security, we have the flexibility to cater for any demands. Superior range receiver employing the worlds most secure “code hopping” technology Available in 1, 2 and 3 channel configurations Used in conjunction with the…
Get the total range of remotes. From low to high level security, we have the flexibility to cater for any demand. 1, 3 button or Pendant Remote Encrypted rolling code technology Unique code on each transmission

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