JET Controller

JET, DDS latest controller, has been developed to provide a high performance on-line access control and alarm monitoring solution for large installations in terms of number of cardholders and events in memory. The JET is a 4-reader controller supervising the entries and exits at 2 doors or the entries at 4 doors.

High capacities are reached according to the ROM and the dynamic allocation of the RAM between card holders and events buffer. This allows getting maximal capacities of 44,500 card holders or 47,000 events in memory.

The controller's 8I/4O (all inputs are supervised 4 states) can be extended to 16I/64O, with the addition of a plug in extension boards and three satellites. In addition there are three technical alarms for tamper, power supply failure and battery low.

  • Communication channels are multiple: Serial RS232 or RS485 communication port.
  • Optional second RS485 communication bus, especially developed for redundant communication, alarm event mode, global reflex without PC, global APB without PC or satellite connection.
  • Optional TCP/IP interface available on-board or from a plug in extension.

The high speed CPU deals with all access control and alarm management tasks in high security installations that require very large databases. An optional 32 bits CPU can be installed to improve the controller speed.

Boosted system security is achieved through communication encryption and reinforced protection against lightning and short cut.

DDS is a leading manufacturer of global security solutions, based on advanced access control and alarm monitoring systems. DDS manufactures the latest cutting-edge hardware teamed with the development of high-performance programming software.

Hundreds of thousands of doors are controlled by DDS in over 40 countries. DDS solutions cover all types of installations. They fit single sites with limited budgets, as well as complex high-security multi-sites.

With over 30 years’ of manufacturing excellence. DDS has served an impressive list of prestigious clients: bank, hospital, high tech, telecom, refinery, army base, police, prison, court of justice, sport stadium, airport and a wide range of companies in all fields.

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