CALLISTO control panel is an advanced, intelligence solution, that meets the requirements of more complex objects. The control panel feature extended functionality, which enables it to be used to implement access control systems or even smart building systems
EBS is an independent Polish manufacturer operating in the safety systems industry since 1989. Part of a capital group comprising four specialist companies, EBS executes projects from the technical specifications phase to the production phase. The innovative nature of the technologies employed in this process,…
The combination of EX and PX-series transmitters - for packet data in real time using GSM network in GPRS and SMS channels and Ethernet. EPX400 is the newest transmitter in EBS range of products. Multifunctional, reliable, tailored to the needs of each market. You can…

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Gauteng sales are amply supported by Hamilton Murray (Pretoria) and Reiken Pinnoy (West Rand) through QD Distribution/ERS Networks with Electronic Line iConnect training and technical support being done by Barry Smith.

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