Wireless Outdoor Siren

The fully wireless, two-way amber triangle siren comes with a high- visibility strobe. Battery life is extended using smart algorithms and a high -power battery. The siren relays various alerts (Burglary, Fire, Arming/ Disarming) from the panel and transmits warning signals (low battery, AC loss and tamper alert) to the panel. Designed to extend the signalling capabilities of the security system outside the protected area in any outdoor environment. Being fully battery operated and wireless, the external wireless siren offers an easy and flexible solution for quick installation. Up to four sirens can be connected to one system.

  • Two-way wireless uses proprietary robust FM technology
  • Fully independent battery power
  • Battery type: 3.6V/13Ah lithium D size
  • Siren output: 106 dB at 1 meter
  • Front and back tamper

High-End Wireless Security

The sophisticated iConnect system, with its sleek design, serves as the command center for a residential and small commercial Security and Home Automation network.

Powered by the full range of ELAS remote management functions, iConnect effortlessly integrates remote signalling from end-users, monitoring statins, service providers and technicians. The ELAS enables remote programming and maintenance of the iConnect system by internet or smartphones, built-in interface with PSTN, GSM. GPRS communication modules, configuration of email and SMS event notification to users, and much more.

The two-way wireless RF technology built into iConnect also enables the use of PIR cameras for event-triggered video images and clops, as well as video verification. The compatible EL two-way peripherals communicate with the iConnect control panel and respond to RF signals with top-level data security. Designed for superior efficiency, the peripherals only respond to signals when the control panel is armed, and then they act ith enhanced speed to minimize energy consumption and signal traffic congestion.

Click above to download the brochure.

Click above to download the brochure.

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