Keyring Remotes available from single button to 6 button. Features: Code-hopping encryption Unique TX clip antenna design increases operating range by 50% Crystal controller +/- 100KHz 12V alkaline battery: GP23AE Typically 2 years battery life or 20,000 activations LED flashes when the battery is low…
Features: Big red button designed for elderly and frail people Moisture-proof design Unique antenna design incorporating the pendant chain to increase range by 50% 12V battery operation (23A alkaline battery) LED flashes when there is a low battery condition Applications: Frail care facilities nurse call…

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Gauteng sales are amply supported by Hamilton Murray (Pretoria) and Reiken Pinnoy (West Rand) through QD Distribution/ERS Networks with Electronic Line iConnect training and technical support being done by Barry Smith.

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